The new Amazon Kindle looks awesome

Did I miss the boat on seeing how cool the new Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device is? Actually, I'm on a boat at the moment, so I guess not, but perhaps that explains why I hadn't heard before how cool this thing is.

The new Amazon Kindle is smaller, leaner, cheaper ($139), and has free Wifi with a web browser! I've never been one to buy the latest and greatest products when they come out, but the new Kindle has me hooked. Here are the main points that get me:

  • Free Wi-fi (and 3G with the pricier model)
  • A webkit based browser for surfing the web (still experimental)
  • Built-in access to Wikipedia (about 10% of my web surfing right there)
  • It's own e-mail address as well as ability to access mobile e-mail
  • Up to a month long battery life (Hello long plane ride entertainment)
  • Of course ability to purchase and read books from Amazon
  • Quite cheap now at $139 for the base unit or $189 for the 3G capable unit

So, I guess Amazon has realized the Kindle isa console and that it will make money off of selling the books to it. I already love Amazon, so hopefully the Kindle I am about to purchase will not disappoint me and I will it as well. More to come when I get it.


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