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Drupal Answers or What can drush do outside the admin interface?

So, the new Drupal Answers site on StackExchange has been getting tested out, and I wanted to share with the greater community that I think it's a good idea. So far, there has been some good questions, even better answers, and most importantly there has been easy and effective moderation of content by some dedicated users. Plus, there is karma! And everybody loves karma.

Why I love Drupal 7

One of the great things about Drupal 7 is the ease of rolling out new sites, especially in combination with Drush. I recently rolled out 3 sites with a total cost of my time of 3 hours, about 1 hour for each site to register the domain, setup the credentials and database, install Drupal, and pull in the content from the previous static site. So cost to me is minimal to perform those requests from friends/co-workers/family to roll out sites for them. Plus, with the ease of use of D7 I now don't have to worry that they won't be able to figure out how to maintain their site.

An Apple a day

Well, I haven't broken my Mac yet, though turning on Voiceover by accident and not being able to turn it off was found amusing by all. Now, the first thing if Mac and I are to get along is remapping some keys. Apple, in all its wisdom, has of course apparently changed the location/names of these settings a number of times. Fortunately, the fix for me was offered up by Richard P. Stillane:


Well, unfortunately, the last two days have been not so fun. It was supposed to be a nice 4-day weekend...and it should have started off with an estimated "3 hour-tour" of cloning my current Ubuntu 9.10 workstation and moving it on to another hard drive on a personal computer where I could boot it. This way, I could continue to work on all my projects without having to setup my entire environment again, not to mention all the databases I would need to export and re-import, files to transfer, application settings to set, etc. ad nauseum.

Two new modules released: Nagios Looking Glass (nlg) and Yahoo Query Language API (yql)

You know, after getting code down, I find I can sleep again at night. It's like the scene in Fight Club after 'Jack' goes to the testicular cancer group and finds that he can sleep again. Well, I've had similar elation, but from finishing 4-12 projects at work (depending on how you count), and releasing 2 modules on drupal.org over the last 2 days.


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