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Ubuntu & Drupal made easy with automatic script installation

 Kudos to Owen who has released the Drubuntu module which allows for fast and easy deployment of the whole LAMP stack and Drupal installations on an Ubuntu installation. To make it even better, you can not only get Ubuntu for free by just downloading the iso file, burning a cd, and running through the easy installation, but you can also buy a CD or get one free pre-made CD.

Koobface strikes Facebook again

 I had a friend contact me today about a virus. I figured was just another run of the mill, but after listening to the description and doing a bit of Googling, looks like a Koobface variant (anagram of Facebook) has been re-surging since around Tuesday of this week. Read on for more information.

2010 Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco

 Attended the 2010 OSBC today, along with my colleague Sameer Verma who runs open source @ SF State and had given me an invite. Dries Buytaert was there talking over lunch about building community using Drupal and Acquia.

How to handle the gdata is not defined error for the Google Picasa web albums API

Update: An acknowledgment of a mistake/bug was made in a post on a Google forum and indicated they are implementing a change. The change appears to have now gone through, and the previous existing functionality should now work. So, even Google makes big mistakes, which is ok, but I question why any changes at all would be made to existing API functionality. API changes should be branched out and push changes only to the new branch. That said, thanks to Google for the fix, though it took over 24 hours to get it in place, while many Picasa customers were left with broken galleries. I hope at some point Google will develop better support channels so developers are not left in the dark. I'm leaving the post up in case anyone needs to resolve this problem in the future if it happens again. 

Many users of the Picasa web albums API will have noticed that yesterday Google introduced a terrible code change in the API which has broken existing functionality for many users of the API when using JavaScript. Now, instead of a nice web album, they receive ' gdata is not defined '. Excellent job Google, what a way to celebrate the 5th birthday of Google Code by breaking your existing APIs. Supposedly, they have a fix coming, in the meantime if you are frantic to fix things for your clients, read on for a solution. 

Using the PHP QueryPath library


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