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Setting up a keyword shortcut search engine for searching the Drupal API

 If you are developing modules in Drupal then http://api.drupal.org and Pro Drupal Development will be your two good friends. One way to speed up your use of api.drupal.org is to set up keyword shortcuts to the search used on that site. This can be done easily in both Firefox and Chrome by following a few simple steps. 

Google opens up Hot Topics search with automatic page updates

 Google announced a new real time search feature last week. Depending on which page you are on it is either called Hot Topics or Hot Trends. Either way, it is pretty neat as you get a dynamic page that receives updates on a keyword topic in real time. It's like a Feed Reader for the entire internet!

Big news in the Database world as Oracle takes over Sun and MySQL puts up a fight

Michael Widenius, the creator of MySQL, is calling on all open-source advocates and MySQL users to write to the European Union Commission to protest the takeover of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. As you may know, Sun bought MySQL not long ago, and now Sun is in turn being bought by Oracle. The U.S. has already approved the merger, but the E.U. is considering it on anti-trust measures. 

Debugging those tough Drupal errors

 Do you ever get hard to track down php errors in Drupal. Especially those coming from core file includes (I'm looking at you common.inc). Well, you should check out this excellent post on Lullabot by none other than Angie Byron, a.k.a. webchick, a.k.a as the D7 maintainer! It will help you do a trace on those errors so you can debug them from the places they are actually being called. Common.inc is not the problem! It's a contributed module or your code that is causing the problem.

Posting this from the exercise bike

I am currently riding an exercise bike and writing this at the same time after managing to strap my laptop to the bike. Yes, the internet is indeed serious business. 

A word of advice, if your exercise bike's display has even a small lip, just put the laptop on it and strap it firm with a bungie cord (available at camping shops and online) as opposed to buying an expensive contraption to secure it with. 

Here's my bike, so far I really like it. You have to work on the adjustment a bit so that it won't sway at higher resistance levels, but otherwise great for a low price:


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