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Fixing the drupal_breadcrumb in Drupal 6. Pretty Breadcrumbs.

 Drupal 5.x did Breadcrumbs just fine. They showed up like you would expect, so if you had something along the lines of say, Amazon's categories of Home -> Electronics -> Computers and you were on say the page for Laptop's then in D5 your breadcrumb would appear as:

Electronics -> Computers -> Laptops

Or close to that anyways. No matter if you were on the edit tab, or the view tab, it didn't matter, your Breadcrumb just worked. 

Do you use the command prompt on Windows?

 If you use the command prompt on Windows and frequently want to go to the same path, for instance a deeply nested folder, then a handy trick is to create a batch file in your favorite text editor, (save as .bat type), with the following lines:


@echo off
cmd  /k cd C:\folder\you\want\to\go\to

Where of course you replace folder\you\want\to\go\to with the folder path you desire. Then all you have to do is double-click the .bat file to go straight there.


Drupal adds packaging to install profiles

 Some great work was done on packing install profiles. Now users don't have to gather all the dependencies themselves, they can just unzip and install Drupal like normal. This meets one of the goals that Dries mentioned in his posts. Read more at drupal.org http://drupal.org/node/647374

Reading PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

I'm currently reading PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra. I started muddling through some OOP practice in C++ and decided I better move back into PHP first to really get things hammered down. I'm only into Chapter 4, but am so far really enjoying the book.

XKCD accurately describes my day job

Perfect depiction of my day job: http://xkcd.com/664/ 


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