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Photo Gallery

 I invite you to take a look at my photo gallery where you can see the latest vacation to Peru. The gallery is using a custom Drupal module to load the web album from Picasa and format it so it looks pretty. The formatting could still use some work, but if anyone is interested in the module then contact me and let me know.

Try not to get to attached to the cute guinea pigs in one of the pictures, as they have probably already been...well you know what happens to guinea pigs in Peru.

When creating a new CVS release

 Remember kids *Tag the folder not the file* cause otherwise when you commit your release, say my latest Drupal module release for SaveToFTP then only the file that was tagged with the latest release number will actually show up in the release tarball instead of all those nice files you would like in there. 

CVS must stand for Certainly Very Seriousbusiness. 

Drupal 7

 Just had a look at Drupal 7 after a 2 month hiatus, and wow! Drupal 7 is fantastic! There are plenty of issues to go around still of course, but man oh man just take a look, it looks truly beautiful compared to earlier versions. It has really inspired me to get back involved with the community and keep improving my own module while also working on the issue queues some. D7 FTW!

Save to FTP has a new release

 The 6.13 release of my Save to FTP module fixes a couple issues that should make it easier for site administrators to use and manage it. Looking for feedback so send it my way. Next goal is adding the 3 features which are in my issue queue at http://drupal.org/project/issues/savetoftp?categories=All

After that, I will be creating a Drupal 7 version, and possibly cleaning up the 5.x version. Though, I don't plan to do much work on the 5.x branch as most everyone should be up to 6.x by now. 

Sailing the Pacific

 I just returned from a two month hiatus sailing on the Pacific Ocean with California Maritime Academy. I provided all computer support on a ship for about 250 people. This is a lot of work for one person, what with running Windows Server 2003 plus and Exchange server and all the switches, and data reporting. Then, you throw in laptop problems that everyone brings to you, weird electrical problems that take down your switches and servers, and burnouts of satellite parts, and woohoo fun busy times! 


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