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This blog entry brought to you by the amazon kindle

Awesome. The typing (or pecking if you will) is pretty slow but otherwise I am thrilled to be posting this from my new kindle! Pure win.

Presentation on transitioning from IBM Websphere to Drupal at SF State

At the monthly SF Drupal User Group meeting on September 13th, I gave a presentation on the transition from IBM Websphere to Drupal at San Francisco State University. We brought over our "Portal" (intranet) from using Websphere to Drupal in late 2009 and have seen great results. The archived presentation can be found here Transition to Drupal Powerpoint presentation

Importing Drupal 6 nodes into a Drupal 7 site

Note: I wrote this back in August of last year but never published it. I never finished writing this up either, but one can check out the forum link below for some more information

Approximating e in PHP and finding unique consecutive digits

Student assistants at the school have been getting interviewed with the following question when applying for a programming job:

"Please write an application to find the first 10 consecutive digits of the mathematical constant e for which every digit from 0-9 is present only once. You can use the programming language of your choice." (e.g., 1984263570)

The new Amazon Kindle looks awesome

Did I miss the boat on seeing how cool the new Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device is? Actually, I'm on a boat at the moment, so I guess not, but perhaps that explains why I hadn't heard before how cool this thing is.


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