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I'll be "On a Boat" Cruise 2010 Itinerary for me as IT Support for Cal Maritime

I am very happy to confirm I will be working for California Maritime Academy on the T.S. Golden Bear again this year in July & August, with ports of call in Honolulu, Hawaii; Saipan, Mariana Islands; Kobe, Japan; Busan, Korea; and Seattle, WA


DrupalCon 2010

 Today, I actually awoke before noon on a Saturday, in order to attend the Drupal Core Developers Summit as part of DrupalCon 2010Conference.  Great talks, and even though Drupal 7 is already going to be great, we are talking about how Drupal 8 will be even better! All the great developers are here, Neil Drumm, Angie Byron, Chx, more, and I feel quite humbled.

First release of StaticBuzz.com

Welcome StaticBuzz.com (link removed as the site is now dead, it was a great experiment though!) I wanted to write up a bit more, but I seem to be in a greater hurry than that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland these days. The goal was to quickly create a question and answer community site using the Drupal ArrayShift installation profile.

StackExchange goes Free Ning goes Premium, Drumbeat.org will save us all?

 So, I found it quite interesting that the premium StackExchange, the Software as a Service offering from the makers of StackOverflow, was axed in favor of a free only approach. Then, a short time thereafter, popular SaaS community site Ning decided to do the exact opposite. They are shutting down the free sites, and "doubling-down" on the premium sites.


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