Installing Drupal 7 from scratch using Drush

Drush is awesome. If you haven't already installed Drush check It's pretty easy to setup, just download, create an alias for it, then run and go.

One of the great features of Drush for Drupal 7 is you can do a brand new site install with two simple commands. First setup a MySQL user and database, and note the user/pass.

Educause 2010 conference

Some online conference programs that I may go to:

IT Incident Communications: Keeping Customers in the Loop During an IT Meltdown
2:30-3:20pm on the 28th

Open-source strategies
8-8:50 on the 29th

Games the best way to learn period
1-1:50 on the 29th

Openness, Data, and a Sustainable Future for Education (or Community source)
3:30-4:20 on the 29th

Replace color in a gif using imagemagick or GIMP

I'll start out with a disclaimer. I hate GIMP, I absolutely truly do. I love Paint.NET. I love Krita. I hate GIMP. It's as simple as that. Take a look at The Design of Everyday Things for reasons as to why GIMP sucks.

Is it possible to make or a site like Facebook with Drupal?

Is it possible to make or a site like Facebook or any other combination of name and currently existing application with Drupal?

Setting up a local Subversion server/repository and resolving the resulting errors

First of all, if you are developing code, you should be using version control. What you use is up to you. I have a love hate relationship with SVN, but I also use SVN and CVS.

Setting up the initial SVN server and repository is easy if you are running Ubuntu Linux like I am. Check out these great instructions:


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