Drupal Wish List

This is my wish list for Drupal features and module features that I would like to see, but don't have time to either find if it is available somewhere or code a custom solution. If you find a solution and comment here or contact me with it and send me your Amazon wish list, then I will reciprocate by buying one of the items you wish for!

  • A blacklist function for input format configuration for the Full HTML type. (Currently it works off a white-list). Update: There now might be a module for that
  • A 'disallow javascript' filter that is selectable as an option on the input format. Update: There may be the option of using HTML Purifier module, thanks to Nathanial for the recommendation
  • Real name functionality in Drupal 7 core Not exactly, but theme_username came about in core and accomplishes enough
  • Complete document management/office integration module
  • Unpublish all projects on drupal.org that do not have a release and that have been published for more than 3 months. There is now an issue for that



thats a great projhect!

thats a great projhect!

drupal to me is complicated..

drupal to me is complicated....but interesting to mess with:)

Real name func.

"Real name functionality in Drupal 7 core" - has anyone provided any solutions to this?

Backup Migrate in Core with .info desciption viewable

I'd like to see "backup & migrate" provide the description option into basic backup while also displaying the resulting description from the .info file when looking at files in the backups directories. Would be great for us semi-pros who don't know GIT/subversion.

Or, combined with journal module or log, an option to pull details of last 10-20-30 items into description for the .info file .

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