Why not to buy the new book Drupal 6 performance tips

 I just finished reading this $40 waste of paper. I really can't express how extremely disappointed I am with this book. It seems like some people got together and said, 'Hey, let's get together and make some quick money by copying and pasting some drupal.org project and handbook pages into a book.

Seriously, 3/4 of this book consists of, here is this Module, here is how to install it, let's repeat the same steps for every module we mention. 50 pages of the book, nearly 1/4 of the book is about Updating Drupal and contains no more info than is available on drupal.org, or more sensibly in one of the other dozens of books on Drupal. For a more concise treatment of the same subject you can get it in Appendix A of Using Drupal, a much better written and valuable book. Even what is available on drupal.org is in a better format and easier to find than what is in the book. Chapters 6, 7, and 8 are the only material that offers any value, and with large font, gratuitous screenshots, and lots of copy/paste text there is not much value to be had even there.

I'm not even linking to the book in the hopes that you consider one of the other Drupal books available. I encourage anyone thinking of purchasing this book to take a very strong look at the table of contents and think long and hard about your decision, don't be fooled by the title or the back cover.

If you want actual helpful information on real world performance for Drupal, then sign up to groups.drupal.org/high-performance a group site dedicated to Drupal performance tips. 

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