Development work

We do all kinds of Drupal work. Contact us. Special rates for non-profits, academics, and those doing good for the world.

What are your qualifications
See my profile
How much do you charge?
A competitive rate. Given I run an independent shop, I am able to charge much less than the big Drupal shops out there.

Can I see what you’re doing on my project on a daily or weekly basis?
Yes. Your project will get a private repository on Github that you can view and see progress on at all times, in addition to a password-protected URL where you can see your project available online.

Can I meet and work directly with you on a project?
Yes, but only in San Francisco.

Who owns the code and designs produced?
Anything specific to your project will be 100% your copyright. As much as possible, I try to contribute work back to the Drupal project as GPL code, if I produce a generic solution in the course of working on your project then it will go up on and you will be listed as having contributed to the development of it.

Do you provide support or in-house training?
Yes, but on a limited basis. Contact me for more information.