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Two new modules released: Nagios Looking Glass (nlg) and Yahoo Query Language API (yql)

You know, after getting code down, I find I can sleep again at night. It's like the scene in Fight Club after 'Jack' goes to the testicular cancer group and finds that he can sleep again. Well, I've had similar elation, but from finishing 4-12 projects at work (depending on how you count), and releasing 2 modules on drupal.org over the last 2 days.

Redirecting Coldfusion URLs to Drupal clean URLs using Apache rewrites

There are a few sites that have moved from ColdFusion to Drupal, the highest profile perhaps being Examiner.com. However, it wasn't easy to find any documentation on how these sites redirected old URLS to the new Drupal site. We use Clean URLs on our Drupal sites, and you should too if you aren't using them. (Info on Clean URL setup is available here I'm using Apache, so we will make use of the .htaccess file that comes with our Drupal install, we can add a rule to do our rewrite.

Sometimes I hate the Form API and CCK

Yes, the Drupal Form API (FAPI) are great for many things, and most of the time we work great together. Sometimes though, we get into really big fights. FAPI breaks electronic things, I break real world things.

The goal: Create two uneditable text fields that would display in the node edit form with default values and in the node view and be saved in the node object.

Creating a password for a user in Drupal 7

Ok, so you've exported your database from one system to another, but your login isn't working. Why? I'm not really sure but it seems the hash relies on the hostname in Drupal 7? Haven't really dug in yet to figure out the specifics. So with Drupal 6 you would just md5 a password and then stick it in the database. But oh no, we can't md5 anymore in D7, so what do we do.

Going directly to a module's project page from the command line

Seems like I spend at least 20 minutes everyday typing out URLs to drupal.org project pages. With 6,750+ modules (and counting...), I often have to assess a new module I come across or refresh myself on the details of a certain module in use. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little hack to make this quicker? I'm usually on the command line when needing this info, so why not a command line hack?


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