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Allow users to post comments but not to view them

Well, Drupal, you threw me a WTF moment, when on my latest site I gave users the post comments permission, but not the access comments permission, and much to my surprise, users were not able to post comments. I swear this either worked with D5 or there was a module to workaround it. For what it's worth, installing the comment_perm "Comment Permissions" module does NOT help this issue.

Fortunately, for D7 there is a patch, which I reviewed and found to work perfectly.

Installing Drupal 7 from scratch using Drush

Drush is awesome. If you haven't already installed Drush check http://drupal.org/project/drush It's pretty easy to setup, just download, create an alias for it, then run and go.

One of the great features of Drush for Drupal 7 is you can do a brand new site install with two simple commands. First setup a MySQL user and database, and note the user/pass.

Presentation on transitioning from IBM Websphere to Drupal at SF State

At the monthly SF Drupal User Group meeting on September 13th, I gave a presentation on the transition from IBM Websphere to Drupal at San Francisco State University. We brought over our "Portal" (intranet) from using Websphere to Drupal in late 2009 and have seen great results. The archived presentation can be found here Transition to Drupal Powerpoint presentation


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