Running Drupal in a MySQL Cluster (ndbcluster)

 This post is going to be part of a series of my experiences (and our sysadmin's) of implementing Drupal in a high availability environment. Setting things up turned out to be a bit of a challenge and I hope this walk-through on setting up Drupal in a high availability MySQL cluster will be helpful to others who wish to use the same process.

Setting phpMyAdmin to show more rows by default

Here is a quick tip for setting phpMyAdmin to show more rows by default.  

Making a tab or other menu link a popup in Drupal 5

Contrary to what you might think, making a menu item/link a popup link is no easy matter in Drupal. I spent a good deal of time figuring out how to make a tab into a popup because one has to dig around in core to get results and it seems no one was able to do this right before or has at least not posted about it on, read on for the solution

Gzipping content delivery with Apache on Red Hat

Ever used YSlow? It is a tool from the Yahoo Developer Network which gives some insight into possible performance problems (though it should certainly not be used alone to evaluate web site performance). See Dries Buytaert talk more about it here or even better see Chapter 13 of High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers. One of the suggestions it gives is to gzip content delivery.

Preventing Carpal tunnel and getting rid of wrist pain

I have been using an Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless Right Hand Mouse - Silver/Black for about a year now and love it. My wrist pain from using a regular mouse has completely gone away.


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