The Future of Acquia Drupal

I stumbled upon an old post on about the future of Acquia and one comment particularly struck me about use of Drupal in the enterprise. The comment was from Sept. 2008 and here we are in January 2010 and we still don't have these features.

Haiti Disaster relief with Whirlwhind Wheelchairs

Just wanted to share another way you can help

Whirlwind Wheelchair helps Haiti

SF State's Whirlwind Wheelchair program is preparing to send rugged wheelchairs to earthquake survivors in Haiti. The chairs will assist thousands of people injured in the quake who now have lasting mobility impairments.

jQuery Validation Plugin

I had a project this week which involved updating and consolidating some forms as well as adding dynamic features to them such as required field messages and other validation. In case you have to do the same, let me recommend using jQuery Forms and jQuery validation.

Get jQuery here if you don't have it:

Get jQuery forms here:

Boost Regex Search from a file into a string and then into a Sqlite Database (1 of 3)

 This is the first post in a 3 post series on using C/C++, the Boost libraries, and SQLite. This post will cover getting things together and trying a test db. There isn't a lot of information out there about how to use the boost regex library in C/C++ and even less examples of people parsing the output. I never quite figured out exactly what kind of data type m is in the function, but I did figure out how to do what I wanted. I can read a file, parse it into a string, use the boost regex_search function to return all the values I was searching for and then finally to take those results and put them into a SQLite database. 

Boost Regex Search (2 of 3) - Using the regex_search function

 This is the second post in my three post series on using the Boost Regex library in Dev-C++ in cooperation with SQLite. The first post can be seen here. This time we are going to actually use the regex_search function in order to parse through a file and return the results for us to put into the database.


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