Regular Expressions in Notepad++ or Scite

I like Notepad++ and Scite (for Windows and Linux respectively) and use them as my editor of choice for many projects. They are both formed off of the Scintilla backend. Today, I was going through some HTML forms, you know the ones with a multitude of option elements for state, country, etc. Imagine you had to get all of the state names and country names out of those option selections. There are plenty of ways, but doing a regex find and replace in Notepad++ makes it pretty easy.

Drupal Gardens Beta

 Drupal Gardens announced their official beta today, which is a bit ahead of schedule. Fortunately, I received an invite and can't wait to do some further playing around in Gardens. The alpha test was already pretty smooth, and quite pretty, so will enjoy seeing if the quirks from alpha have been taken care of in beta. Check it out at


A review of Cracking Drupal: A Drop in the Bucket

Cracking Drupal: A Drop in the Bucket is the first book specifically discussing vulnerabilities in the Drupal Content Management System. However, is it all it's 'cracked up' to be? 

Setting up a keyword shortcut search engine for searching the Drupal API

 If you are developing modules in Drupal then and Pro Drupal Development will be your two good friends. One way to speed up your use of is to set up keyword shortcuts to the search used on that site. This can be done easily in both Firefox and Chrome by following a few simple steps. 

Google opens up Hot Topics search with automatic page updates

 Google announced a new real time search feature last week. Depending on which page you are on it is either called Hot Topics or Hot Trends. Either way, it is pretty neat as you get a dynamic page that receives updates on a keyword topic in real time. It's like a Feed Reader for the entire internet!


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