Drupal adds packaging to install profiles

 Some great work was done on packing install profiles. Now users don't have to gather all the dependencies themselves, they can just unzip and install Drupal like normal. This meets one of the goals that Dries mentioned in his posts. Read more at drupal.org http://drupal.org/node/647374

Reading PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

I'm currently reading PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra. I started muddling through some OOP practice in C++ and decided I better move back into PHP first to really get things hammered down. I'm only into Chapter 4, but am so far really enjoying the book.

XKCD accurately describes my day job

Perfect depiction of my day job: http://xkcd.com/664/ 

Photo Gallery

 I invite you to take a look at my photo gallery where you can see the latest vacation to Peru. The gallery is using a custom Drupal module to load the web album from Picasa and format it so it looks pretty. The formatting could still use some work, but if anyone is interested in the module then contact me and let me know.

Try not to get to attached to the cute guinea pigs in one of the pictures, as they have probably already been...well you know what happens to guinea pigs in Peru.

When creating a new CVS release

 Remember kids *Tag the folder not the file* cause otherwise when you commit your release, say my latest Drupal module release for SaveToFTP then only the file that was tagged with the latest release number will actually show up in the release tarball instead of all those nice files you would like in there. 

CVS must stand for Certainly Very Seriousbusiness. 


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