Back from vacation

Hi, I'm Kevin, the guy behind No Warning Label. I'm back from my August vacation and am now working on numerous Drupal related projects. The more I work with Drupal the more I like its abilities.

Creating a Community-based site.

 Starting on an interesting project for a local Bay Area non-profit group. They are looking to create an online magazine-style site with a mashup of various Web 2.0 things, especially video uploads/viewing, forums, and other ways to connect: All of which can be accomplished easily using Drupal!

Building Websites

Since starting this web design business, my top client has been I have also participated in a couple of small projects, but the bulk of my time has been spent on the websites for and setting up a Content Management System for them using Drupal. This system is about ready to be put into production and should prove to be a much better way to do business for them.

Will a CMS solve everything?

Here is a well said post from the University Web Devlopers Group that I wanted to comment on. He is replying to the question of whether or not a Content Management System is necessary: 

Welcome to Coder in the Rye

This is the inaugural posts for the launch of my blog. I'm a web developer offering services for getting web sites in shape. I work in Drupal, all the time, because it's awesome.


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