Thoughts on outsourcing work to India

Ever had trouble finding a developer to meet your deadline and decided to outsource the work? Or just curious out that outsourcing can go? Well read on, as I provide some insight on the matter. Or if you are just thinking of good Indian food, mmm Naan...

Why I sometimes hate Microsoft

For the most part, I just generally disdain Microsoft. That isn't to say I hate Windows, which as come along fairly well as a product and been generally useful to the world though also often a source of frustration.



NWL specializes in development of websites using Drupal, a web content management platform. Sites that use Drupal are easier for new users to maintain and more efficient to build. Furthermore, Drupal is free and open-source software. Contact Us to learn more, or check out

How to easily create a custom module for Drupal 6

There seems to be a natural progression in a Drupal administrator's experience. First, he or she will just manage to get the thing installed and working. Then, they will start using contributed modules and even go so far as to use the custom features available in those, especially CCK and Views. Next, he or she will start playing around with theming in order to get the look they want. Finally, it is time to write your own custom module. Here is a brief and easy way to make a Drupal module. Further steps are found in Pro Drupal Development

Drupal Hosting and

 At this point, I have hosted web sites with several companies and had enough experience to want to write some opinions on the various hosting options out there, especially in relation to Drupal-based sites. If you want to see a little compare/contrast then read on.


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