Making a block with an expanded book menu for Drupal 6

So, what can I say, I really don't like that the book module doesn't have an option to set it's menu to be expanded by default. Perhaps, I could make a patch, or make a contrib module to allow for such. There is a page on how to do this on however it contains a whole lot of unneeded code as well as confusing instructions. Meanwhile, see below for the code you can use in a custom module to create a block with an automatically expanded book menu. 

Notes from DrupalCon

I am dumping my raw notes here from DrupalCon in a shameless attempt to encourage myself to go through and structure them:

Where to find things in RHEL and Ubuntu Linux

Always forgetting the paths to restart Apache or edit your log files, etc? Well, I am, so this is a post to help me keep track of those places, but perhaps it will be useful to you as well. Some paths will be the same for all flavors of Linux and some are specific to RHEL.

Accessibility Testing Tools

Toolbar for the Internet Explorer

Web Accessibility Toolbar 

The Web Accessibility Toolbar
Toolbars for Firefox:
Accessibility Extension
Web Developer
Colour Contrast Analyzer

I'll be "On a Boat" Cruise 2010 Itinerary for me as IT Support for Cal Maritime

I am very happy to confirm I will be working for California Maritime Academy on the T.S. Golden Bear again this year in July & August, with ports of call in Honolulu, Hawaii; Saipan, Mariana Islands; Kobe, Japan; Busan, Korea; and Seattle, WA



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