DrupalCon 2010

 Today, I actually awoke before noon on a Saturday, in order to attend the Drupal Core Developers Summit as part of DrupalCon 2010Conference.  Great talks, and even though Drupal 7 is already going to be great, we are talking about how Drupal 8 will be even better! All the great developers are here, Neil Drumm, Angie Byron, Chx, more, and I feel quite humbled.

First release of StaticBuzz.com

Welcome StaticBuzz.com (link removed as the site is now dead, it was a great experiment though!) I wanted to write up a bit more, but I seem to be in a greater hurry than that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland these days. The goal was to quickly create a question and answer community site using the Drupal ArrayShift installation profile.

StackExchange goes Free Ning goes Premium, Drumbeat.org will save us all?

 So, I found it quite interesting that the premium StackExchange, the Software as a Service offering from the makers of StackOverflow, was axed in favor of a free only approach. Then, a short time thereafter, popular SaaS community site Ning decided to do the exact opposite. They are shutting down the free sites, and "doubling-down" on the premium sites.

Ubuntu & Drupal made easy with automatic script installation

 Kudos to Owen who has released the Drubuntu module which allows for fast and easy deployment of the whole LAMP stack and Drupal installations on an Ubuntu installation. To make it even better, you can not only get Ubuntu for free by just downloading the iso file, burning a cd, and running through the easy installation, but you can also buy a CD or get one free pre-made CD.

Koobface strikes Facebook again

 I had a friend contact me today about a virus. I figured was just another run of the mill, but after listening to the description and doing a bit of Googling, looks like a Koobface variant (anagram of Facebook) has been re-surging since around Tuesday of this week. Read on for more information.


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