Moving to Kiva!

Well, finally the big announcement. I will be changing jobs to go work for the non-profit microfinancing organization Kiva at starting Feb. 15th. I'm really excited about all the possibilities at Kiva and you will see this reflected in some blog posts and such on it going forward. I will continue my efforts for promoting Drupal at California universities, but will try to find someone within the system to assume leadership after I am no longer a part. If that proves impossible, I may have to refocus the effort towards promoting Drupal in California universities and non-profits. Either way, a win for Drupal =)

Oh, and my Kiva position will be All Drupal - All the Time! I

Here was my last message to my co-workers:

Some people have asked, so I thought it best that I should share that I will be leaving San Francisco State University to go work for Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit philanthropic microfinancing organization that uses Drupal in many of their applications. It has been my dream to work for Kiva for many years and though I love working at SF State, I must go fulfill this dream. My last day at SF State will be Feb. 10th, though I may remain in some limited capacity to help answer questions and finish transitions.

Though it has been a lot of work, I have vastly enjoyed working with nearly everyone in DoIT and at SF State, especially those in the Drupal community we have established here. I believe these efforts will continue to move forward now like a snowball that has gained enough momentum to roll down the mountain on its own. Thank you to everyone who worked with me and supported my work.

Forward the foundation ;)

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