2010 Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco

 Attended the 2010 OSBC today, along with my colleague Sameer Verma who runs open source @ SF State and had given me an invite. Dries Buytaert was there talking over lunch about building community using Drupal and Acquia.


Too bad he wasn't given a spot to do a full discussion, as I would have really enjoyed that. I did enjoy nice setup, free lunch, and the talk by Bob Sutor, VP of open source at IBM was ok. The talk about on open source and mixed development was eye-opening with good commentary from a former Sun Microsystems lawyer whose name is sadly not on the program. I have an invite which I am able to give out still I believe if anyone is interested in going tomorrow, you can contact me this evening, Mar. 17th, and give it a try. There are plenty more good talks and networking opportunities available there tomorrow. 

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