Will a CMS solve everything?

Here is a well said post from the University Web Devlopers Group that I wanted to comment on. He is replying to the question of whether or not a Content Management System is necessary: 

"But, the reason we confuse efficiency with CMS use is that someone in management reached a pain point where he/she decided that something HAD TO BE DONE. And that something involved a lot of thinking and planning about workflow, content, architecture, training, staffing, etc.. What came out of that was an improved process with improved software. But it all gets lumped together as 'The CMS solved the problem.'

I'm sure there are lots of examples where folks thought the CMS was magic - that it would fix problems, workflows would magically spring to life, training would be unnecessary,ogres would be defeated etc.. But when the GOAL is to implement a CMS rather than to fix the problem, well, you don't fix the problem. "
-Dan Lovejoy
I couldn't agree more. This is why it is important to remember to plan for multiple avenues of approach when implementing a system to manage your website or websites. You want to take the time to consider all the angles that Dan mentions, not just expect a piece of software to solve all your problems. That is where No Warning Label comes in. We can ease the transition from your previous system (or lack thereof) to a new and more efficient model, all the while providing the training and the support needed to figure things out.

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