Building Websites

Since starting this web design business, my top client has been I have also participated in a couple of small projects, but the bulk of my time has been spent on the websites for and setting up a Content Management System for them using Drupal. This system is about ready to be put into production and should prove to be a much better way to do business for them. In the process, I developed a custom Drupal module, which once I get access to submit it, will be posted up among many other developer modules contributed to Drupal. That is what makes Drupal a great system, that web developers can contribute their work to it in order to benefit the wider community. My next client will be some pro-bono work for a local San Francisco non-profit group called "Our Voices Matter" which seeks to engage young people in community activism and politics. Hopefully, there will be some word on that in the near future.

You can see some examples of my work by clicking here

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