Presentation on transitioning from IBM Websphere to Drupal at SF State

At the monthly SF Drupal User Group meeting on September 13th, I gave a presentation on the transition from IBM Websphere to Drupal at San Francisco State University. We brought over our "Portal" (intranet) from using Websphere to Drupal in late 2009 and have seen great results. The archived presentation can be found here Transition to Drupal Powerpoint presentation

I managed to take one blurry picture of the crowd after my talk, which was perhaps over 100 people strong. Felt great to present to such a large group. If anyone has some better pictures of the event please send them my way. Also, enjoyed the talk after mine by Earl Miles on Panels, quite nifty! Feels great to be back in the U.S. working on Drupal.


Single Sign On


Is there any chance to have single sign on between drupal and websphere, using WS Ldap authentication?

We want to access both portals with just one login !!!


Juan Rey

You might try using the LDAP

You might try using the LDAP module ( and writing some custom hooks for it.
But seriously, fuck Websphere. What a piece of shit product, even it's creator at IBM said it was the worst software he had ever created.

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