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Welcome (link removed as the site is now dead, it was a great experiment though!) I wanted to write up a bit more, but I seem to be in a greater hurry than that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland these days. The goal was to quickly create a question and answer community site using the Drupal ArrayShift installation profile.

Goal: Q&A Community site on a topic of interest with functionality up to par with some of the better Q&A sites available today. 

Total Completion Time: Approximately 18 hours.

The Easy Part: Installing Drupal using the ArrayShift installation profile. Great work was done on ArrayShift and I highly applaud it's creators who put it together in just a day.

The Hard Part: Putting together a decent theme. That took about 70% of the time. The theme is pretty much completely custom, just drawing some things from the sky theme. I'd like to take what I have and contribute it back to the ArrayShift profile cause I think it would be useful to others. The colors need some work, but the overall design seems ok. 

The Really Hard Part: Building Community. Good thriving community sites are definitely not just "build it and they will come".  However, I do see as a better future alternative to sites like AudioAsylum and random audio forums. These places have good content, but the format makes everything really hard to find. A Q&A site should make it easier on users to do what they want to do, which is communicate. Getting the community there though is a difficult proposition, and something that failed for many sites over at StackExchange. I will be thinking about strategies for this over the next couple of months. 

Edit August 24th, 2011

This was an interesting experiment, but ultimately, it turned out that places like were better suited to meeting this goal. I'm just happy that the goal was met, and happy I got the change to make a SO clone in Drupal, even if it didn't end up meeting my or others' needs.

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